Best Drones For YouTubers & Vloggers In 2021

There are so many fields the drone is being used for. However, for entertainment and Vlogging, it makes an exceptional entry. Best drone for YouTubers is one the major center of attraction gear of recent times. Below, you are going to see the list of best dedicated gear for filming the amazing shots that are worth featuring on YouTube!

Our Best Drones For YouTubers & Vloggers

1. DJI Mavic Air 2

If you are a tech-lover, this drone can be your ultimate pick. Not only its style and amazing shot imply its built style but the ace feature with diversity in the control allows you to have it for professional purposes.

This drone offers you to capture 48MP photos with the embedded 1/2-inch CMOS sensor you can take impressive shots and still without compromising on the quality. The 3-axis gimbal ultimately allows you to have a 4K/60fps videography experience. With this drone, you get the privilege to record robust quality in smooth operation.

Moreover, it’s OcuSync 2.0 has a video transmission distance of up to 6.2mi / 10 km and with the full HD quality makes the user highly engaging. The weight and dimension have been kept ergonomic with 1.35 ponds and 7.09 x 3.82 x 3.31 inches respectively. The flight time with the ultimate smoothness and 34 minutes makes it a dear experience to have. Moreover, its spotlight 2.0 feature is what makes it more robust. With that, you can focus on an object while moving freely and easily.


  • Fast paced flight
  • 34 minute of flight time
  • Spotlight feature for locking the object focus
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 42.3 mph in Sport mode
  • Forward, backward, and downward flight


  • The gimbal sometimes suddenly jumps
  • Might not feel smooth to fly

 This is an incredible drone with the ace built and finest quality.  The higher camera quality makes it best for YouTube videos.

2. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

From the DJI Company, this Mavic pro 2 series has come up with an exceptional and remarkable feature that won’t let you down for being the smart gear. This is one of the finest drones for filming exclusively YouTube videos. The amazing aerial shots with the most enhanced coloration and flight time allow you to have trust in its build. Besides, the durable product makes sure you have the best gear in your hands.

Its Hasselblad 20MP camera with a 1” CMOS Sensor makes sense when you are dealing with high-end results. The stunning output would never let you down in terms of pro results. Its durable and most innovative design makes it more reliable for professional and related work. The smooth navigation proves to be time-saving when you want to shoot the most creative and natural shots in less time.  This is the reason why many of the experts and users have given it the best-rated reviews.

In addition to that DJI also offers you the enhanced 31 minutes of flight time for which you can make the enhanced quality videos without making the time limit compromised. Moreover, the 44 mph of maximum speed makes it a super reliable drone for making the ace shots instantly. The 907g takeoff weight limit and the 3-axis gimbal further keeps up with the stability and balanced quality.

The 8GB of internal storage and 158GB of SD card support make it a high-end smart drone that is especially good for making smooth videos. Besides, the active track2.0 and the obstacle avoidance feature add to it. The low-noise design makes sure to keep the surroundings user-friendly and you don’t have to face the annoying noise issues if you have this!


  • Adjustable aperture
  • Obstacle sensing design
  • Makes exceptional aerial shots
  • HDR photography
  • 135 minutes of battery life
  • High-end spacious internal storage


  • The sensors may not work right away
  • May feel a little bit bulky

The smooth and lag-free flight mode makes it the best drone that you can lean on. With 1.85 mils takeoff altitude DJI has become the top company to consider.

3. Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Drone

Vlogging and YouTube uploads have increased dramatically in recent times. Moreover, if you are a pro videographer, the importance of an ace drone camera would be obvious for you. In addition to that, the Parrot company has made a dedicated product that will allow you to have them for personalized as well as professional use.

Similarly, this drone fulfills the parameter of high-end gear that has been designed with the 2704 x 1520 of the accurate resolution, while the HD 2.7K videos with 21MP of cameras make it further high-end in all respects. For filming in speed, the sport mode makes it reliable. It reaches 55 km/h in sport mode in just three seconds and the 50 km/h in bullet to withstand otherwise.

The burst mode of this drone makes it a super-quality drone that is able to capture 10 photos within a second. This feature would help you the most when you are dealing with the precise detailing shot.

With its 25 minutes of flight time, it is best to consider YouTube makes. Also, the Li-Po battery makes its flight time smooth and enhanced. It usually charges faster and 60% more efficiently. Its lightweight built, ace specification, and overall user-friendly software make this drone the best option to have.

Whenever you talk about the best aerial shots that are totally suitable to upload on YouTube, Parrot is the highlighted name. Not only is YouTube’s recent technological feature but also its super advanced feature has been kept user-friendly, which adds to its appeal to most.


  • USB Type C charger
  • Foldable and has a 4km range
  • Fast charging by 60%
  • Portable design and built
  • Enhanced battery with a flight time
  • Sports mode for a controlled and faster pace
  • Offers you the RTH (Return to Home) feature


  • It is fragile built demands to handle with care!
  • The quality control may feel odd

With all of the recommended settings and features, this drone can be the best choice for YouTubers and newbies. The user-friendly design adds to it.

4. DJI Phantom 4 Professional

As mentioned above, drones hold the ideal importance for YouTubers and Video loggers. Therefore, DJI has come up with an exceptional product that makes it even more reliable to use for pros.

Its quality and appearance imply its dedicated built. First of all, its 20MP camera embedded within a 1’ sensor makes it a high-end advanced level drone that picks up detail with ultra-clarity within. The availability of multiple flight modes, and features with the easy to understand software make it a quick to use a drone.

Moreover, the FIVE-direction obstacle avoidance flight makes it smart in its own way.  If you don’t want your drone to become damaged you need to look at obstacle-free features that add to it. In addition to that,  the obstacle sensing feature gives you the privilege to film the natural shots instantly without being worried about the tight or messy place. If you are outdoors, you don’t have to clear the way before the anticipated flight.

Thankfully, DJI Phantom with its smooth flight without obstacles will enhance its durability as well. Its 4K/60fps video and Burst Mode stills at 14 fps makes it still shoot highly amazing.  Furthermore, its .8 GHz transmission support is something you will notice while it’s serving you the best HD quality videos.


  • Offer you the 5-direction of obstacle sensing
  • Offers you the Burst Mode with 4K/60fps video
  • HD video transmission
  • Auto sensing of the object as they move
  • You can tap to fly in the selected direction


  • The software may not work smoothly
  • Sometimes it can freeze

When you want to have a drone with ultra-clarity and robust built, DJI Phantom comes with all of its range. Its impressive shots with excellent output make it a fair option to opt for.

5.  Autel Robotics EVO Drone Camera

With amazing built style and reliable features, this drone offers you the latest technology in it. If you are opting for Autel Robotics, the range of its diverse features and dainty style is something that you should be assured of.

This time, Autel offers you its EVO powerful and stable camera that captures the HD shots in all of its frames. Besides, the 4K resolution with 60 frames per second allows the drone to serve like a pro.

Its user-friendly software design makes it another level of ace gear. With that, the foldable and portable built style allows you to keep in on the go. For traveling its weight for about 4.84 pounds and the 7.75 x 3.75 x 4 inches of dimensions makes it highly portable. The 3-axis gimbal with the most ultra-clear camera quality allows you to have exquisite quality shots all along.

With the USB type C cable, you can consider it for having portable and ergonomic gear. In addition to that, the 30 minutes of flight time makes it best for making videos and taking photos. You also get a 32 GB SD card for which storage has become drastically enriched.


  • Awesome and butter smooth flight navigation
  • 32 GB SD card
  • 720 HD video result
  • 4K resolution with 60 frames per second


  • Doesn’t have geo-facing
  • The rubber part may come off

What makes it stand out among the rest is its storage and high-end maneuverability. The smoother navigation makes every shot to become more creative and adaptive.

6. DJI Mavic Mini

This one has recently been built, technologically. The more you operate it the more you will explore its functionality and hence you can ultimately achieve high-end results. With its 250g of the weight limit, the fight has become more ergonomic and the smoothness in its navigation has been achieved the most.

In addition to that, the 12MP camera with e 2.7HD video making quality allows you to have it for pro working. The 30 minutes of flight time further assists you to have it for uninterrupted video making. Its smooth takeoff and landing make this drone a highly appreciated gear. Moreover, with its range of accessories such as an SD card, and more you can capture.


  • 2MP aerial photos
  • DJI Fly App works for both iOS v10.0, Android
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Effortless landing and takeoff
  • 30 minutes of fly time


  • Buggy software
  • RTH might not look for a landing pad

If you are dealing with your old drone and want to replace it with some ace quality, DJI offers you its spending features with durable quality.

7. DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo

This is another drone by DJI that makes your experience more professional and adaptive. The Spark series allows you to have its 12MP camera with that 1080p of photography shots makes it more reliable for YouTubers, and video loggers.

Although, unlike the above-mentioned drones, this one offers you the 2-axis gimbal for the stabilization of photography, yet the final results are ever so satisfying and appealing. With its smooth controls and remote controls, ergonomic controls have become pretty much easier.  For the ultimate stability and less shaky image, its gimbal and the evenly distributed weight allow you to fly this device with anticipated results later on. If you are in a windy area, the stability still outputs its best.

The 31 mph in sport mode up to 16 minutes flying time is good when you want to focus on HD shots. The tap controls with quick response time make the workflow ever so smooth with the ultra-efficient features. It’s obstacle-free built the damage factor has become minimal while the durability becomes stronger. Its hand gesture feature allows you to take photos without touching the remote control.


  • Active track focus on an object
  • Quick launch within seconds
  • The stable built reduces shake and a rolling shutter effect
  • Sport Mode for robust speed
  • 720p video transmission


  • The app is odd to operate
  • The return home feature might work slower

The gesture capture feature of this drone led it to be the best technological ace gear for YouTube filming. Every aspect implies its smart built.

8. Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

This Holy Stone drone offers you exceptional features and the most anticipated built-in feature that would allow you to have it for the long-term usage. Besides, the high-quality done with its wind-resistance capability allows you to keep it in use even on uncontrolled gusts, etc.

 Due to its powerful embedded motor and the ace functionality, the hover and stable shot are easier and more adaptive. You can capture your favorite still and video angle without doubting the vibration of this drone at any point.

The HD quality of its camera also offers you to have the most exquisite and angled shots. Moreover, the altitude hold and one key takeoff and landing make it a more appealing device when it comes to making things. The 2K optimized 120-degree FOV makes it highly adaptive whereas the 90-degree of angle adjustment is best for enjoying the next-level video making.

The foldable propellers and easy to carry built design are suitable when it comes to traveling and reaching out to far located places. Moreover, the RTH return to home feature allows you to keep it near you. In addition to that, the follow me mode makes it smarter when you are looking for the automatic features that will take care of your requirement all along. Its 18 minutes of flight time, 3500mAh high of powerfully designed battery, and the 1968 feet of soaring range.


  • Altitude hold feature for better stability
  • RTH feature for better control
  • Features the 2K HD camera
  • Follow me mode
  • 18 minutes of flight time
  • The camera lens with FOV 120° and 90 degrees of maneuverability


  • Its motor is less likely to perform high-end
  • The connection may feel weak

9.  DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone

The products by DJI Phantom have emerged as one of the most reliable and trusted ones for various reasons. If you are purchasing it for professional purposes, this drone would serve you the best. The camera quality with smooth and gliding flight makes it even more appealing for YouTubers. In addition to that, protective and durable design has been designed for the lasting and longevity of concerns in mind. This drone weighs only about 8.2 pounds and hence the soaring flight becomes a cinch for it.

Its 730p of HD camera with real-time visuals makes it best for picking the above head shots with stability maintained. The use of DJI mobile app further assists you. It comes with the 25 minutes of flight time and the included battery with ace charge holds capacity makes it reliable as well as professional.

Moreover, the accessories with the set of propellers, radio controller and more makes it a package for users. You can put it in the sky and hence carpeting the real and natural stills, shots, and videos has become ever so exciting.


  • Accessories assist in adaptive and ergonomic drone flight
  • 720p HD camera with most clear shots
  • 25 minutes of flight time
  • Durable and quality material used
  • DJI app for better operation


  • Might not good to fly in challenging weather
  • The GPS might work lazily

With its sophisticated functionality and quality built style you can use it regardless of any damage or sudden shutdown issue. Many of the YouTubers have been using DJI products for ace results.

10. Holy Stone HS100G Drone

This is the most reasonable drone that comes equipped with multiple features. The design has been thought with the dedicated and durability concern for which you can consider it as a lasting drone for ergonomic use.

The return to home and follow me mode makes it dearer and hence you can work in full privilege of pro shooting. With the 1080p HD camera quality, the ace built with he120° FOV and 90° adjustable definitely allow you to have the recent and technology in-built

The range with the 1600 feet away capture the best and amazing views for which you can make the most creative shots for uploading on YouTube. The GPS positioning with stable connectivity adds to it even more in addition to that, the altitude hold, and the headless mode allows you to capture the precise shots in utmost stability that would be possible otherwise.

However the flight time is pretty much limited if you compare it with the above-mentioned gear. It offers you 15 minutes of powerful flight as a whole. However, with exceptional shots and durable quality the fight time proves to be highly suitable. Its single button landing and d takeoff makes the control pretty much well-design and quick. Besides, the 1.7 pounds of weight add to the overall built.


  • 400M of Wi-Fi distance
  • Lasting battery  life enhances flight time
  • Sleek and smooth navigation
  • Offers you the controlled speed
  • Multiple flight mode including follow me and Return To Home


  • GPS need to improve for connection and functionality
  • Battery might not hold the charge

Holy Stone is a quality drone that would be worth buying for its high-tech approach. The flawless design is what many of the users have found appealing.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Drone for YouTubers And Vlogging

best drones for vlogging

Like anything valuable, drone cameras demand to be purchased with the most precise and dedicated concern on its feature. Any wrong purchase can lead you to have poor quality and features that you might not need.

Certainly, if you bought a drone for filming and recording the high-end FK shots, you might not replace it anytime soon. Besides, repairing it wouldn’t be a good idea if you can opt for the well-made drone in the first place. This guide with highlighted features would help you a great deal in having the best and right choice drone that can be helpful for making dainty final results.

Keep The Shots High-End

No matter which type of you YouTube genre is, ace HD shots and stable photography are something that nobody would like to compromise. So, whenever you are opting for the drone camera make it 100% guaranteed that it offers you the HD result each time.

Also, the ultra-clear picture that is picking every minor and major detail would make your video capturing more enrich and enhanced in functionality. You can easily opt for 1980p with720p of HD video and acute resolution from our above-mentioned gears.

Features And Functions

What type of drone you want and which future you would need while filming the drone shot is an essential parameter that you need to keep in mind while at the market. Before purchasing, make a list of features such as RTH (Return to Home) Follow me mode, altitude hold, point of interest, and many more. 

Make sure that the drone features the ergonomic and easy to control feature so that you have quick access every time. Every drone comes with its own signature style and features so while at the market opt for the one that is catering you the best and accurate feature range.

The Battery And Flight Time

Without a second thought, the drone is judged by its enhanced flight time and time in which it stays in hover position. The flight time is something that is responsible to allow you the continuity in making the professional shots. If the drone comes equipped with an ace high power battery such as lithium-ion it would surely imply its boost up the flight with more power and stability. Moreover, a smooth and lag-free flight can only be achieved when you have the quality minutes to keep the drone soaring.

If you want to shoot the critical angles with multiple variations and adaptation, the long flight time such as 30 minutes or so is what experts would recommend to you. So, take the flight time into consideration while you are at the drone market and try the flight there, if possible!

Weight And Dimension

The best drone would be the one that is lightweight enough to fly high and above. But the thing is it should be too light in weight to withstand the wind and stability in its functionality. While buying make the portability facto in munch and look for the drone that is pretty much suitable to carry elsewhere. 

If you want to shoot travel related videos the wind-resistant ability is what makes it a worthy purchase. The foldable overall design of the drone camera and ergonomic style with less weight limit is a good option when you want to travel especially.


Which drone is best for video?

There are thousands of drones for making videos and photography with high-end features. However, in the vast variety, the DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations) name has come up with positive reviews. And if you especially talk about the YouTubers and daily Vloggers, they look up to the splendid quality by DJI!

The DJI Mavic series features everything you need already. While it offers you the recently built, high-end technology and HD result it is also best to keep up the enhanced flight time. For durability, DJI is a sure case.

What feature should a drone have for YouTube videos making?

Although the answer to this question depends on your personalized requirement and the specific feature you are looking for, there are some additions as well. As a rule of thumb, a drone that comes with (RHT) return to home feature and multiple accessories to make it adaptive is a fair option to have. In addition to making high-end professionally designed YouTube videos, if you find its stability in the hoover position it is ultimately the best one to have.

Final Verdict

Today’s list of well-made drones for YouTubers has been made with much brainstorming and research. Each of our recommended picks features something amazing and dedicated. Pick up any one as per your personalized requirements and make sure your next adventure of filming the shots and videos with a super high-tech approach!

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