Best Drone For Backpacking and Hiking – 2021

If you love traveling around, you can’t compromise on the best drone for backpacking and hiking. And the effort to keep the gear safe and sound in separate luggage is another task itself. Below you will find the Quadcopter gear especially with lightweight and low-profile design that wouldn’t make out perplexing about hiking out with them.

Best Drones For Backpacking and Hiking

1. DJI Spark

This drone offers you the most recommended future range and also comes up with an excellent built style. The durability and the protected material used in its manufacturing will allow you to travel and hike with much ease.   First of all, let’s talk about its weight and dimension parameter. Its 1.49 pounds weight limit with the 9.8 x 3 x 8.2 inches of dimension makes it the perfect fit and you don’t feel it any bulky if you carry it around.

Moreover, its high-quality industrial-grade performance with ever so smooth gliding flight makes it more appealing to capture the jaw-dropping shots. In addition to that, the  2-axis mechanical gimbal with tap fly built makes the usage adaptive even more.

The gesture control feature allows you to control the photography by the gesture of your palms and hence you can readily click the creative natural shots by just showing the palm. This Spark series by DJI has more to offer you that adds to the overall buying experience.

Its specific feature with the ultimate dedication within lets you rely on its built. The Active Track, Stay on Target feature makes it fly wherever you want without losing sight of the target. It automatically senses the objects of different shapes and sizes and hence capturing the natural shot has become pretty much easy. It offers you about 16 minutes of flight time with HD video-making ability. The batteries, material, and tough style make it perfect for hiking.


  • Gesture control feature
  • Lightweight and portable built design
  • Active track sense different object of different object and size
  • The smooth takeoff and landing with stable hover works in seconds
  • Offer you the DJI GO 4 app featuring automatic editing


  • Loose battery can detach
  • Firmware won’t update

The intelligent flight mode with reliable performance marks it the best drone for keeping it for hiking. DJI is certainly the ideal drone for travelers and hikers!

2. DJI Mavic Mini

From first sight, you can assure yourself of the greatest quality drone you are going to have. Not only does it offer you the lightweight built but it also comes with the most recent and technological wonderful features embedded.

Moreover, the 12-megapixel camera captures the most ultra-clear picture while its 2.7K HD camera makes it a more reliable drone for best shots. The 3-axis motorized gimbal makes it more powerful and ergonomic to use. Its powerful flight time makes it a highly recommended gear for you. The GPS flight makes the location well-designed.

Its 30 minutes of flight time allow you to have lag-free and continuous recording each time. Once you have fully recharged its battery you don’t need to doubt its flight followed by high-quality features. It weighs about 1.8 pounds which proves to be perfect for keeping it in backpacks and hiking purposes. The lithium-ion battery, the plastic material used on the body, and the high-quality excellent approach make it valuable gear for your next trip.


  • Its 30 minutes of flight time makes it best for travel
  • 1/2.3” CMOS sensors
  • 3-axis gimbal
  • Smooth takeoff and landing with HD camera result
  • Charging base for ergonomic and easy sharing


  • Using its app uses more battery
  • The return to home feature’s beeping can’t be salient

Its enhanced flight time makes this DJI drone stand out instantly. If you are purchasing for ergonomic backpack fit, it would not disappoint you at any point.

3. DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone

Like any of the DJI products, this drone from the Phantom series makes an exceptional entry at No.3 on the list. While it offers you the best feature that could prove accurate for hiking and travel its HD camera also adds to its quality.

The 1-inch 20MP sensor with the HD result makes it a better option to opt for. With that, the five-directional obstacle avoidance with a 4-direction of obstacle avoidance flight makes it reliable to the core.

This built style also helps to enhance durability. Moreover, the obstacle-free flight makes sure it doesn’t collapse due to the sudden band that would make the overall exterior safe and sound. For weight and dimension, this drone offers you 6.4 pounds of weight, and the 16 x 14 x 9 inches dimension is what suits most hikers and travelers.

In addition to that, the 264 4K videos at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps, both with a 100Mbps bitrate further boost the high-end result. You can capture the most creative shots regardless of the pro-quality. The 30 minutes of flight time with max usage is what you can lean on.


  • 5.8 GHz transmission
  • Gesture Mode with 3 second countdown
  • Compact and low-profile design
  • Offers you the 5-direction of obstacle sensing
  • DJI GO app keeps the battery track


  • Might not fly straight.
  • Sometimes, it flies backward

Its enriched features with marvelous feature range boost up the overall approach. Moreover, the foldable design will allow you to keep in backpacks with ultimate ease!

4. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Its comfortable and user-friendly design instantly makes it very easy to operate and use. This drone possesses so many industrial-grade aspects that would enhance its powerful approach for making high-end and stable shots. Also, the ultra-quality makes it the best for the outdoor shooting experience. The 20MP of 1’’ CMOS sensor with the most stunning output makes it the right decision to opt for. Its 2 pounds of weight and the 9.8 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches of dimension can never become an obstacle while you are fitting it into the backpack.

Its 31 minutes of flight time and the 44mph of max speed make it best for hiking and traveling purpose. In addition to that, the 907G takeoff weight limit with the ace 3-axis gimbal allows you to have the stable and well-paced.

Its 8GB of internal storage and the SD card support allow you to capture the most high-end and best shot with many privileges. Moreover, the 1-inch CMOS sensor has active sensing with the low-light environments makes it a more appropriate drone for traveling and hiking trips.

The 31 minutes of flight time with its powerful battery embedded makes sure to drain slower even on the app use and full feature using time. The Active Track 2.0 feature of this drone allows you to have not lost it at any point. Furthermore, its Hyperlapse, Low-Noise Design, Adjustable Aperture, HDR Photos, and fast responding sensor helps you operate it ergonomically.


  • Powerful battery boost  the flight time
  • Smooth navigations with ace controls
  • Low-Noise Design makes it user-friendly
  • Active track feature adds to it
  • Lightweight


  • Smooth connectivity might be challenging
  • Its propellers are pretty flimsy

Its satisfying performance with the positive review makes sure you get to have the right gear for your next hiking plan. The HD camera further adds to it.

5. DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Aircraft

If you are wondering about the best quality drone, DJI Phantom is here to offer you the most recent feature. The 4K UHD video recording with the most stable video capturing ability is what you can lean on. Also, the 720p HD result with app-bas monitoring never levels any targeted object. Its 3-axis gimbal and the included 2 flight batteries make it the best drone for having professional digital gear for hiking.

In addition to that, the 23 minutes of flight time help in filming continuous shots without break! Certainly, the 23 minutes of flight time implies its battery power for which you get to have the ace quality battery that would not drain quickly anytime soon.

With the Go Home modes, the drone makes sure to keep off the losing and stealing experience and take care of the direction by its smart sensors and GPS location system.

With that, the aluminum made carrying case complements the whole drone having an experience while making sure of the durability to the most. DJI Phantom is unarguably the best solid drone that will take care of every shot with utmost reliability.  For hiking and more energetic traveling, you can lean on its performance with stability in every photography experience.


  • Its 19 pounds of weight feels light on a backpack
  • Foldable built style 4K UHD camera result
  • Features built-in safety database for no-fly area
  • Comes with the DJI Pilot app’s advanced features
  • Compatible for iOS or Android
  • Compact design


  • The Go Home” mode  might consume more battery
  • Its software needs improvement

With most of the highlighted features, there is yet to explore more about this DJI Phantom drone. Everything assures you of best buying with smoother navigation.

6. VOOCO X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera

The drone cameras these days have become more robust due to the high-tech features and ace use of technology within. If you talk about this gear, it also comes up with the lightweight built design and compact low-profile dimension that will allow you to nicely pack it in the backpack.

This one offers you the hard carrying case that makes its backpack fitting adaptive and secure to the most. Moreover, its accessories with a 64-GB micro SD card, battery charger, and the additional propellers assist in the convenient flight time.

The nicer quality with the easiest to handle feature allows you to use it easily and quickly without brainstorming about the ‘how to use’ parameter. Its 3-axis gimbal helps in having the most stable photographs without any shakiness within.

Its chic orange color helps you to spot it easily and hence the chances of loss have become drastically low. Its 19.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 inches of dimension and the 3.2 pounds of weight limit make it a high choice to pick.


  • Comes with the K Camera and Removable Gimbal
  • Multiple features such as Smart-Flight features like Follow, Orbit, and Waypoints al
  • Smooth landing and takeoff
  • Hover is place
  • The remote control is easy to operate
  • Enhanced battery with an additional battery


  • The single often stolen
  • The connection might not be strong

Everything about this VOOCO X-Star makes it the best drone for backpacking and hiking trips. The quality control and durable material further add to it. It’s tough to build is appreciable.

7. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera

For hikers, this drone can be another suitable option. With most of the anticipated features, its weight is something that you would find ultra-light. Moreover, the compact low-profile design adds to its portability.

Yuneec has been designed with the 11.02 x 8.66 x 3.1 inches of dimension and 3.3 pounds of weight in total. Furthermore, the feature includes a responsive design for which you don’t need to weigh longer than a few seconds. Its 4K Ultra High Definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixel photography allow you to consider it for long-term use.

The HD picture quality always keeps up with the vivid colors with sharp and crispy results in the final. There are five different flight modes including Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey, and Follow Me. Due to these features, you can capture professional and ergonomic aerial shots each time.

The protective built design with the built-in Indoor Positioning System helps the drone to keep in place. Moreover, its propellers with sensors make sure not to get damaged. Its RHT (Return to Home) feature lets the drone come on the place even if the battery is running low, therefore, there is no doubt of its getting de-track or lost!


  • Auto return home feature
  • Foldable propellers with carrying case
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Return to home feature
  • HD camera with vivid result


  • The user manual is hard to read!
  • Won’t stand gusts

Its awesome outcome of the flying experience has been lauded by many users, especially the pro users. With different designs and foldable builds, you can give it a go for hiking.

8. Holy Stone 2K GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 

The Holy Stone holds the ideal place for many people. It always offers you something to surprise about. This time you get the most accurate built style with the foldable and compact style for which it has become way easier to confine it to the backpack!

Its wind-resistance and large make it a powerful gear that makes it more appealing and the best option to opt for. Moreover, the durable and high-end motor embedded within guarantees you to have a super-quality drone flight each time.

With altitude hold and headless features, it has become pretty much a cinch to take amazing and fantastic aerial photography. The one key takeoff and landing further adds to it. Furthermore, the 2K camera, with 120° FOV and 90° adjustable angle keep every shot more appealing and adaptive.

The flying time is about 18 minutes and the powerful battery with the 3500mAh of capacity works like a wonder. Moreover, its 1968FT control distance makes it best for filming natural hiking shots.


  • Its GPS works smoothly without connection loss
  • Comes with the foldable propellers
  • HD camera with FPV video option
  • Follow me mode make nature shots
  • Return to home feature auto send the gear to the place


  • The propeller blades may feel flimsy
  • Sometimes the camera output is awkward

9. Autel Robotics EVO Drone Camera 

Autel is one of the best gears that come with powerful connectivity and adaptive design. Its dual GPS with the GLONASS adds to the best hover with 100% accuracy within. While its weight and dimension has been kept low for your ease, the design is pretty unique as well. Like every hiker, if you want to film the ace and high-end HD aerial views, this drone offers you the powerful and well-design 4K camera that you can turn upon!

Many of the professionals lean on EVO pro for its quality approach and picture quality that meets the recommendation.

With 60 frames per second you will find its performance very appealing and in-demand. With 12 MP of photographs, this drone has become the best gear for hikers and travellers. Its perfect dimension with 7.75 x 3.75 x 4 inches and the 4.84 pounds of weight make it an ideal gear for your approach.


  • One-touch action
  • UHD 4k resolution
  • Lightweight built with ergonomic design
  • Smooth navigations


  • Doesn’t come with a travel bag!
  • Controls might feel slow

This is a better drone in many ways. From quality to the high-end performance, you can lean on its quality for long-term usage. Capturing impassive videos and shots has become cinch with Autel Robotics EVO!

10. Holy Stone HS160

Certainly, while traveling for hiking and around, the drone camera demands its separate room to fit nicely without damaging it. With the backpacking and hiking concern in mind this drone offers you the foldable and portable design that makes every still, video and aerial shot highly appealing. The USB with Type-C cable, lasting battery, and the enhanced flight time allow you to lean on its built quality.

Its 60 fps frame per second and the 4K resolution further keeps the thing right. The 6-axis of gimbal with 280 x 720P of recording mode feels a right choice for you to pick up.

With its built-in 3.3inches of 720p of HD screen view and angles makes it more appealing for hiking and traveling. If you want to film the professional shot it will further assist you to the most.  The weight and dimension of this drone is 1.37 pounds and 6.5 x 4.5 x 4.4 inches respectively.

The foldable and flexible design makes it the best choice for fitting into the backpack and carrying case without making the quality any damaged. With that, the Altitude Hold Function and app control instantly make it the best choice for travelers with multiple tasks.

For even better controls, there are four speed modes available for instance from low to high that would make things under control. With its embedded LED light you can highly consider it for the best ever spot even at night time. With each of its dedicated features, this drone has become fantastic to opt for.


  • FPV 720P HD camera capture best HD shots
  • Foldable and flexible design built
  • Red color look attractively chic
  • Offers you the 30 meters Wi-Fi range
  • Gravity sensor mode follow direction as you move your smartphone


  • Doesn’t not offer you the follow me feature
  • The setting is low speed to operate

Holy Stone HS160 is the most popular and best available gear for its 6 Axis Gyro and the decent feature range. Opting for this one would be the best deal at a fair price!

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Drone For Backpacking And Hiking


Buying a drone has become more challenging due to the advancement and innovative features. After every little time span, you get to hear the new technological addition that boosts the drone flight experience and offers you more powerful gear at the end.

However, with that, you also need to refresh the drone knowledge about what you need to look for when you plan for hiking and want an ace quality Quadcopter as well. Have a look at these underlined features!

The Foldable Design

Talking about the drone for hiking and backpacking, how can one neglect the ergonomic folding? This foldable design of the drone adds to its portability without a doubt. In addition to that, the lightweight design will help you to move with pretty much ease. 

And if the drone unit offers you a carrying case it becomes more appreciative. However, make sure that its foldable design can make enough rooming for the bag you are picking to hike with convenience.

High-End Battery

The battery with the powerful charge hold makes sure that you don’t have to interrupt the photography without your desire. And if you are considering a drone for hiking the lasting battery becomes a must have. A drone that is offering 30 minutes of flight time or more is the best option you should opt for.

In addition to that, if the drone is fulfilling all the essential parameters but the flight time is limited, you can cope with that up by having extra barriers along with you. The portable charger would be a plus point that you should have while buying the drone.

Camera With Stability

The drone camera holds the ideal importance that is for sure. And when you are going for a hiking trip never overlook the camera and its quality to output the best. For hiking, ultra-clear photography makes the memory vivid and appealing.

Usually, the camera with the 20 MP of result would allow you to make sure ultra-clarity in the captured shot. Moreover, the 4k Full HD result as a built-in function is what many of the experts would recommend you to have. The best camera result with the pro zoom makes every moment more enchanting and memorable.

Stability And Hover Of The Drone

If you don’t want to compromise on the shaky and vibrated drone shots, make sure that the drone comes with ultimate stability. With the GPS feature, it becomes easier to keep the location locked and hence the stability. 

Besides, the powerful hoover, 3-axis gimbal, and the feature with sensors would further make things easier. While there are so many drones in the market, the stable one with the best ever and powerful hover feature makes it the best deal to consider.

Lightweight Built With Wise Manufacturing

You want a drone that can easily fit into the backpack without weighing more on your shoulders. But have you ever thought about what effect it could bring along! Certainly, a lightweight drone makes things easier, but make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to the entire drone as its accessories if you attach them.

Moreover, make sure it withstands the wind and gust while maintaining stability. If you choose a weight that is too light it may make the stability compromised. As mentioned above you need to look at the hover and stability factor, make sure the weight is not too heavy not too light. All in all, the weight of the drone is what you should choose carefully, in order to keep the backing and hiking the best experience.

Size And Its Overall Dimension

The size of the drone should be according to your backpacking. If you want to keep the drone light and easy to pack the foldable design with compact built would help you the most. Moreover, the low-profile built helps in portability to the most.

 Whenever you are going on a hiking trip keep the drone dimension in mind. You can’t purchase any random drone gear that is offering the feature range with ultimate privilege. The propellers with a foldable design and the carrying care would assist you to have the backpacking with plenty of room spare and also keep the durability around.

Functions And Features

While you are paying heed to every function and feature, make sure you also got to have the best feature in the drone inbuilt. The range and diversity in the drone feature will make the photography and user-friendly time around.

 Make sure it has the Go Home feature followed by Altitude hold, waypoint, and point of interest, Orbit me, Return to Home, and more. This way you are making the drone more powerful and hence you won’t regret taking it to the hiking time.

Final Verdict

Over time, hiking with drones has become popular and due to the interesting features in the drone, now you can be your own photographer with the desired angle.

With the detailed description and thoroughly mentioned specifications of each drone, you can infer its performance and feature. Also, the limited weight and the controlled dimension allow you to keep the backpacking more ergonomic without any hassle. While choosing your favorite gear, make sure the feature and functions are exactly what you need.

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