Best Drone For 8 Years Old – Our Most Recommended Drones For Kids

Due to fun flying and creative viewing angles nowadays drones have become everyone’s favorite. If you want to buy the best drone for an 8 year old kid, this article will help you the most. Surprise your kid with one of these gears and wait, surprise that your kid is going to show you later on with the amazing aerial views!

List Of Best Drones For 8 Year Old

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

This drone is a wonderful gear that comes equipped with multiple and recent technologies within. The camera quality and aerial shots assure you of the best and reliable flight time. Moreover, the lightweight build makes it a suitable build for an 8 year old kid.

In addition to that, this Holy Stone with the headless security system makes it more appealing than others. You can surely fly it with much ease. Its ergonomic build makes it best for kids with 8 years. The 5.32 x 1.58 x 5.32 inches dimension and the 13.4 inches of weight make it ergonomic for a snug hold.

Its three different speed modes make it more adaptive and easy for kids to get the pro handling. This is not it, you also get the Colorful LED lights that make the flight pretty much ergonomic and you can spot it from far. The colors let you differentiate the front from the back.

Talking about its features this drone offers you the 2.4 GHz technology that keeps the technology highly apt. Its stable shots and 6-axis gyro stabilization system let the user capture creatively. The wind-resistant feature and 45-60 minutes time is another parameter that you will appreciate about it. Its 40 to 50 meter range with stable still shots allows you to have the professional like time.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Still shots with 6-Axis Gyro Technology
  • LED lights for front and back side identification
  • Powerful performance
  • Wind-resistant feature


  • The return home feature might not work properly
  • Design is a bit flimsy

For your kid, this drone has come up with a range of features that makes it easier to handle and operate. Besides, the camera quality is no less than any professional.

2. Hand Operated Drones for Kids or Adult

From the design to the user experience this hand operated drone has got some of unique and appealing features in it. The cool blue color makes it attractively ace. Besides, the fast and reliable image capturing further adds to its purpose.

Firstly, its high-quality build goes pretty well for kids and children. The high-tech motion sensor makes the flight more worthwhile. This means it can auto sense the movement and capture the moment right away as you command it.

Besides, the colorful LED lights make it more convenient to operate, even during the nighttime. The colors make it easy to distinguish between the fronts from the back. If you are concerned about its weight, it offers you 2.89 pounds of weight and the 5.35 x 5.16 x 2.32 of dimensions full.

 Its USB charging allows the kid to have a handy control. Besides, the light weight design adds to it. The cover of this drone with the durable and well-made shell keeps it protected throughout. Moreover, while fight; the crash does break the sensitive camera. This drone features the plastic material overall for which you can buy it for kids and children without regard to breakage and creaking anytime soon.


  • Accessories make sit ergonomically
  • Durable and attractive built design
  • Colorful LED lights to instant spot during the night time
  • Plastic UFO design adds to the smooth flight
  • Hand-free contour


  • The battery compartment is pretty tight
  • Flight time is limited

On the whole, this is a good drone that ensures safety with its plastic body. While the UFO design makes the flight fast and easy.

3. Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for Kids Beginners

Unlike the previously mentioned drone camera, this one has a different build style and outlook.  The durable build is what you will appreciate for sure. Besides, if you are opting for the Ryze, the features that come along would surely be adaptive, that is something you should be assured of.

Its camera quality offers you the 2592 x 1936 resolution with the 5MP of built-in quality keeps of the hazy and blurry images. If you want to shoot a quality video or a photo session, its HD720 videos and the max flight time of 13 minutes allow you to do so with privilege. So, this implies perfection for an eight year old kid.

Also, its 360 degree with circle and rotation feature nicely takes care of all the detail and lets you experience the most professionally made video at the of the day. Its 2.88 pounds allow the kid to handle it easily while the ergonomic design and dimension further add to it. Its controls and signal range are what many people have found pretty much easy to handle. Besides, the responsive feature is appreciative. The electronic image stabilization feature makes the images stable and clear to the most hence every shot has become more professional than a regular shot.


  • Stable shot with EIS feature
  • Handy weight and fast performance
  • 360 degree rotation
  • HD 720p with the best precise clarity
  • Accessories make use easier


  • Too lightweight to withstand the wind 5mph
  • Limited flight range

Buying this drone would be a fair option especially for a kid. Its nice design and HD camera will never let you down at any point.

4. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 WiFi FPV Drone

Nowadays kids demand to have as robust gear as you have! That said, this drone offers you the professional built with decent all-while built style. The ace feature and ergonomic hand built to make it just right for kids and children under the age of ten. It offers you the 6-Axis flight control systems, 3D lock, and ever so smooth flight time.

Moreover, the camera of this Cheerwing drone features the HD built and makes sure to capture the shots in its natural finest form the visuals and vivid coloration make it appealing and dear to many kids. The powerful signal range and the Wi-Fi with the FPV let you capture the video and photo with the IOS androids without much trouble. The high-tech sensors and battery never let you have an annoying time.

The maneuverability in-camera is a big issue, especially when there are in the sky! However, this drone with its 360° degree rotation and roll allows you to have the most precise and selective shot that you are anticipating in the first place.

Its 3MP camera with Wi-Fi keeps the robust aspect alive for an eight year old kid. While the 6-axis gyro b for stable takeoff is another point that will keep the professional touch around. The 500mAh battery allows the lasting flying time to be more ergonomic and hence you don’t have to take it as any superficial quality holder. This drone can easily go up to 50-meter long RC distance that ensures the best aerial shots with the detailed I every frame.


  • Powerful and durable battery
  • Offers you about five to seven minute of fight time
  • Come with the t 6-axis gyro technology, 3D lock, and 360-degree roll
  • Colorful Flashing Lights feature for an instant spot at night
  • HD camera with still shots
  • Its headless mode is best for newbies


  • Doesn’t offers you the return home function
  • The battery is not lasting

This is an excellent drone especially with so many features at your service. The smooth flight and instant response keep it dear.

5. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone – For Kids & Beginners

For its ideal performance and lag-free flight time, you can buy this drone for your kid. Its high quality camera result with the 720p HD makes sure the digital aspect never lets you down at any point. Moreover, its real time capturing ability with the most ergonomic shots feels pretty interesting and hence you don’t have to teach it anything more.

The foldable and flexible design further adds to it. If you are recording and taking the photos out in fields it’s lightweight built and portable design allows you to do so with much pleasure, while the flexible blades won’t make it a big deal to make them adaptive for traveling. The gravity sensor mode, LED light make the flight more ergonomic. The single button landing and takeoff make sit more appealing for kids!

The app control with e swift performance and responsive approach further add to it. This drone offers you powerful and modular 2 batteries with the 3.7V 500mAh keeps the user carefree of the photo taking the time. The function and its whole option range make sure you have a hold on it with an ergonomic approach Flying this drone is pretty much fun, also the one key takeoff and landing feature make the flight more like a glide.


  • Foldable built adds to the portable design
  • Responsive app and feature
  • Comes with the bright LED lights
  • 720p of HD display with still shots
  • Speed mode for low to high
  • Single button landing and takeoff


  • The quality needs to improve
  • Somewhat the flight isn’t reliable

This gear is especially best for aerial photography and fun flight. This drone with its unique built and divers features have got praise.


There are a lot of features that will make this drone highly smart gear to have. The best part is you can have professional gear as well. Its high-end performance is all about dainty shots. To make sure the protection is an anti-collision parameter, this drone has been designed with propeller protection to enhance durability and hence you get to have the reliability ensured!

The gesture control feature is another wonderful feature of this SNAPTAIN drone that captures the moment by its sensitive sensors. It works like wonder all you have to do is to tap YEAH’ to activate the feature. So when you are facing the camera the palm of your hand will record the capture.

Its 2.3m distance makes it more adaptive. The 1.55 pound weight limit makes it good for kids and children. Moreover, the headless 360-degree flip has been designed to keep the filming and shots more diverse at every angle.

In addition to that, the camera with the most amazing 1080 HD footage is best for all types of digital capturing. The 3D shots with the altitude hold mode boost the drone flight experience and hence you can rely on its manufacturing style all along. The -in 6 Axis gyroscope holds it in the air and hence the stability can be achieved with ease.


  • Altitude hold mode keeps the shots still
  • Anti-collision barriers design
  • Gesture control mode
  • The Wi-Fi signals the warning
  • LED light makes the flight easy to spot
  • Very durable and HD quality video


  • Its return button might not work
  • The plastic is pretty cheap

If you want to try new angles with more range in features, this drone will not let you down. The smart features are responsive enough to keep kids interested.

7. Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera

While you are searching for the best and top-rated drone for the kid, tryout this Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone for the next flight. Its ace built quality and the reliable file make it a more enchanting experience as a whole.

The built-in camera makes the quality result no less than a professional output. The 720p of Full HD camera result is what many of the people have claimed as the best on. Taking and capturing aerial photos has become more creative with this drone camera.

In addition to that, its multi skill setting included makes the overall feature more valuable. The headless mode of this drone has been an appealing future for which the stability and exact direction have been ensured. The weight of the drone has been measured as 2.9 ounces.

It makes the orientation nicely ensured and acts right away to the command. Besides, the altitude hold, single button takeoff and landing feature, and the smooth flight make it best for kids that are eight years old or so. This drone offers you the most amazing and attractive offer with 30 minutes of flight time as a whole and 15 minutes per battery, which is a sure way to gain your approval.


  • 120° wide-angle 720p High Definition Camera
  • One-Touch Takeoff and Landing
  • Diverse features like Altitude Hold
  • Offers you the best shots with lasting battery timings
  • Headless Mode
  • Comes with two batteries


  • The response is pretty sluggish
  • Altitude hold might not work

Many of the users have given it the best-rated star. It is very much easy to use for beginners and kids for all types of use, be it photography or videography.

8. FlyNova Hand Operated Drone Mini Drone Helicopter – For Adults And Kids

FlyNova has been the top choice of kids and 8 year olds. Its attractive and stunning appearance grabs the attention right away and makes it chic gear for children. The supreme quality features make sit more in-demand and charmingly acceptable. It offers you 8 minutes for flight time and about 15 minutes of charging time for capturing the HD shots.

The durable built with the high-quality PP material makes it more ergonomic and lasting gear. The weight limit has been kept lesser so that the kid will find it portable and easy to move with. With about 20g of weight, it becomes the traveling gear for sure. With LED lights and lithium-ion batteries, this drone has got more attention from kids. This is a pretty simple device that makes it best for kids.


  • Handy controls and HD photo capturing
  • Quick charging
  • Chic built, and protective UFO design
  • LED light makes it easy to spot in a dark area
  • Return function


  • Not good enough at obstacle avoidance
  • Bouncy flight make it odd

For kids, this drone features the quality of higher-grade. What makes the spherical drone best is its lightweight manufacturing.

9. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone 

Kids and children like a more chic approach than the sober and decent design. This drone camera has got some of the super-ace features in combination with an energetic appearance. Its smooth flight with fine built implies its concern. There are two colors available for this drone and you can opt for green and red whichever you like. Potensic is already a well-known name that will never compromise on quality. The weight is just about 1.5 ounces and it makes it handy to the core.

This is a smart drone that lets out the beep, low power alarm when the battery is running low. Hence it becomes a smarter friend that takes care of its own self. The altitude hold mode with the 2.4GHz Remote Control has been there to assist even more. This drone offers you a single button takeoff and landing design that makes it more ergonomic and kid-friendly. While the stable shots and camera angles enhance the views.

The flight time is restricted to 15 to 18 quality minutes whereas it offers you three batteries as well. The feature range is some much diverse that lets the kid explore more of it. It’s headless and keeps the direction on the path. Moreover, this is a portable lightweight gear that makes it a surety that you are opting for the right gear. Its 4 propeller guard takes the durability to the next level.


  • Single button takeoff and landing for quick ease
  • Very ergonomic and lightweight
  • Stylish built with chic colors
  • Altitude hold and lasting battery
  • The remote is pretty user-friendly
  • Low battery alarm


  • The design may feel a bit odd
  • Its fans are prone to damage

This is a bonus drone with so many features. The fantastic style and the smart technology use make it more stunning for kids.

10. DJI Spark – Portable Mini Drone

This is the quality camera that can be an ultimate choice for kids for eight years. Not only does it offer you reliable functions but also it comes with a multiple features range that is pretty much kids-friendly. Its 10.6 pounds of weight and the 9.8 x 3 x 8.2 inches of ergonomic dimension make it a right fit for the kid.

The intelligent flight mode makes the drone fly smoothly and glidingly. Besides, the navigation is responsive enough to act readily. Moreover, the quality holds makes it more ergonomic. Its controls are simple and make it more appealing for kids and among kids. Its DJI GO4 app features the auto editing and templates that gives the videos a new touch of editing.

In addition to that, to make it more smarter it’s gesture sensors capture the motion and hence you find more privilege to capture the nature shots. Moreover, its camera quality is pretty much satisfying for which you get to have the HD results. In addition to that, the tap fly makes it an instant actor for your commands.  

The use of active track feature makes it a high-end device that recognizes and senses the objects that come to its way. The active track also tracks the size, speed of moving objects for which you can totally lean on its build.


  • Active track sensor
  • Easy to fly and land
  • Smart sensors
  • Comes with powerful lens and camera
  • DJI GO 4 app offers auto editing


  • Battery isn’t lasting
  • Likely to stuck 50ft up

This one has got some of the really amazing designed features for which you can lean on its output. Not only for kinds this drone can be anybody’s favorite.

11. SNAPTAIN H823H – Mini Drone for Kids

Kids love to have something appealing that has been designed with the innovation as well as style within. While you have searched so many drones already, it is time to have a look at the features and quality of this well-designed and ace SNAPTAIN H823H! 

The altitude hold mode of this drone has been its more quality feature due to the stability and super ace performance. The kid with 8 years of age will fine it pretty much user-friendly and hence you don’t have to teach them about the usage and control. 

Moreover, the 3D flip stunt with the amazing and advance level 360 flip and roll option makes every shot more creative and professional. Its 6-Axis Gyro flying control system is another wonderful addition that will keep things appealingly amazing.

For controlling the speed, this device offers you he 3 mode of speed that cater the beginners, intermediate as experts at the same time. In addition to that, the one key return to home feature with the smooth landing and takeoff adds to its quality. Its headless mode of the drone helps to have the orientation directed.

 Its 8 pounds of weight with the 2.95 x 2.75 x 1.1 inches dimension make sit best for kids to handle and operate. Its LED light embedded in the camera and around makes it easy to spot and also makes its front and backside distinguished. Besides, the propeller protection makes it anti-collision.


  • LED light keeps the flight easy to spot
  • Safe flight with propeller protection
  • Portable with lightweight design
  • Offers you the one key return feature
  • 3 speed mode for better control


  • The built and style is a bit flimsy
  • The flight time may not be lasting

For an eight year old kid, this drone is pretty much beyond expectations. Each of its features allows the user to be more adaptive with high-tech ease!

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Drone For 8 year old

Best Drone For 8 Year Old

If you want to surprise your kid with something that has been nicely built and makes the creative level more robust, a drone can be the right choice. But the finding and searching process is what drains the energy.

If you are searching for a drone for a kid, there are lots of parameters that you need to consider. Besides, the best buying can only be achieved if you know something prior to that! So, while at the market, make sure the drone has:

Lightweight Built

For kids, the drone camera has to be lightweight and portable. Besides, if you want to take it out on travels make sure it has been designed with the ergonomic and quality design.  Also, the material used on it should be of quality so that you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

LED Light for Ergonomic Approach

Certainly, the LED light on the drone is an appealing addition that makes it more attractive and worthwhile to the most. What more, it makes the drone too easy to spot in the dim and dark place. If you are out at night, the light would assist you to not lose the drone. So, this feature holds much importance especially when you want to purchase a drone camera for an 8 year old kid.

Return Home

If the flight is smooth and return home as you command it, the drone would be best for kids. Moreover, this feature will prevent the loss of path incidents. While there are a lot of features and modes available in the drones make sure you also get the return to home feature as well.

Camera and Navigation

Certainly, if you are opting for a drone the camera has to be HD enough to capture the shots with a professional touch. Also, the navigation, control, smooth flight with single button takeoff and landing is a must have feature that you need to be careful about. It will assist the kid to operate with joy and handle with ultimate ease.

Final Verdict

A drone camera for kids has to be made with smooth features. Moreover, the quality should also be fine enough to prevent breaking and cracking anytime soon. That said, the list of today’s articles has got uniquely designed drone cameras that are high-end in performance, and low in weight for easy handling. Pick any one of the above and capture the aerial photos like never before.

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